Of Course I struggle! I just don’t quit!

With just a couple more weeks left in this crazy years it’s time for goal setting and dreaming for me. I ask myself what do I want to accomplish, how will I get there, what commitments am I willing to make and follow through on. I then write all those things down. I ask God to bless all that I put my hands to as I honor him FIRST with my life. Sounds like I have it all together….that would be a HUGE NOPE!!! It’s easy to for us to hide behind appearance in all that we do. Im here to tell you I don’t have it all together, truth is I struggle with confidence sometimes, I struggle with insecurities sometimes, and I struggle with fear sometimes. These are all very real obstacles I fight on a daily basis. Someday I let my thoughts get the best of me. Other days I face every fear and challenge head on. I say all that to say that life is full of battles we either fight head on or we allow ourselves to succumb to fear. I plan because it’s a way for me to face my fears head on, deal with those ridiculous voices in my head that say I can’t do something. This isn’t a pitch for Noonday. I just wanted to share the fact that out of all the little business ventures I have tried, Noonday is the ONLY one that has challenged me internally as well as the obvious challenge of launching a small business. I’m not where I want to be and I don’t get into the business of comparisons. It’s a journey. The best thing about it is that I have a BUNCH of women on this journey with me that are cheering me on, some are waayyy ahead, some running 🏃🏾‍♀️ right along side me, some may even be behind me. What is so encouraging is that everyone seems to understand that we’re all in this together. No petty competitors vying to get ahead. This company is just one big sisterhood. A lot of the women don’t look like me and to be honest that is an answer to another prayer for another challenge I’m willing to fight. But even in that I’m encouraged that these women are willing to come along side me to show the world what real bridge building and reconciliation looks like. Just sharing the journey!!

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